Jamie Borrowdale Bio

BBC Radio  – John Lipscombe - “How good is that. He’s going to do really well is Jamie, we’re really liking this”

DJ Dave Tee– “I’ve been a DJ for 35 years. I remember Amy Winehouse & Ed Sheeran coming through and in just the same way, this guy is going to big”

Jamie Borrowdale is a young writer/producer/musician/singer from the UK. He makes intense euphoric songs with an acoustic tone incorporated with large dance beats, meaningful lyrics, some rap, organic instruments, very soulful riffs and guitar solos.
He performs with an acoustic guitar and a loop station when playing live and his sound packs a punch well, well.. above its weight for one man.
His new single “I'll Make it Rain” has had major radio play and was recently released late 2016 as only a temporary release for an Island records competition but has since done quite well, with its raspy vocals, slide guitar and modern twist! It has had a great reaction on radio stations so far.  John Lipscombe at the BBC Radio has been repeatedly playing Jamie's tracks and adding very kind comments.
Jamie plays most instruments and has done from a very early age, his signature being guitar! His influences include a huge variety which can be heard in his songs including Joe Satriani, James Bay, Paul Rodgers, Peter Green, Hans Zimmer, The Script, Ed Sheeran, Robert Johnson, Eminem, Moby, Plan B, Avicii, and Coldplay to name a few.
What makes Jamie so unique and gifted is his adaptability and skill in any musical situation thrown at him. He has been through so many bands and genres of music throughout his lifetime to find his sound and as a result is a fantastic musician with a great voice!
He will be playing up and down the country and is a wonder to see live!! Check the website for gigs and sign up to mailing list to get updates, new songs and exclusive information.